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Commercial Service & Repairs

Server Room Air Conditioning

We protect vital computer server equipment with precision preventative maintenance that will keep all your special purpose air conditioners running problem free for years. We use predictive maintenance schedules to determine the useful life span of all components and replace them before they fail. We create a schedule and replacement cost for the customer so they have all items budgeted.

Cold Storage

EG Mechanical Ltd. serves a wide range of companies that utilize cold storage units. Beverage, Baked foods, Ice storage, frozen foods, pharmaceutical, manufacturers and more!

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EG Mechanical understands how vital it is to provide a healthy laboratory environment through HVAC systems. We are equipped to install and service laboratory hoods and biosafety cabinets.

Clean Rooms

EG Mechanical is fully certified to design HVAC systems for cleanrooms. With knowlegde of specific regulations, cleanliness level guidelines, airflow, humidity control, temperature control, and room pressurization.

Make Up Air Units

EG Mechanical installs and services a broad range of make-up air unit options to meet a variety of needs. Our direct and indirect outdoor make-up air units condition 100% outside air and no recirculated air.

Heat Pumps

EG Mechanical provides installation and repair of heat pump systems. Heat pump HVAC units consist of two parts: and indoor unit called an air handler and an outdoor heat pump unit.

Office Space

EG Mechanical designs office space HVAC systems for both new and existing buildings. We ensure sustainability, flexibility and cost conservation while utilizing the latest in HVAC system technology.

Industrial and Commercial

EG Mechanical offers superior service for commercial HVAC systems. We understand the importance of productivity in the work place. Whether commercial or industrial HVAC systems, EG Mechanical guarantee's you'll be satisfied.

Rooftop Units

Commercial rooftop air conditioning and heating units are a big part of what Emerald Green Mechanical does. Rooftop air conditioning and heating units are centrally located and can be either stand alone or separate units.


We have installed and maintained all major name brand chillers. With Chillers repairs can be expensive and come as a surprise. Let us help you plan with Predictive Maintenance base on run time and operating parameter. Something as easy as changing a contractor every few years can save costly compressor repairs and prolong their life.

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